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Nick Felkey Photography calling Bainbridge Island home base, since 1996


Located downtown on the waterfront, Bainbridge Island photographer Nick Felkey offers a unique opportunity to drop in for a traditional studio portraits or run out and play on Bainbridge Island’s beautiful beaches. Need a more urban setting? The streets of downtown Seattle are just a leisurely ferry ride away. Over the last twenty-five years, Nick has developed a signature style that is casual, fun, and in tune with his subject. The result is beautiful, timeless magazine quality images you see here on his website.

While other photographers have come and gone, Nick attributes his longevity to his ability to evolve with the times. Embracing all new ideas and tools keeps the artist in him excited. Over the years, Nick has been the number one choice of graduating Seniors and their parents. Often getting the opportunity to photograph each child in the family as time marches on. The biggest compliment he ever received was a thank you from a young man who said.

Nick learned old school with film and the darkroom. He considers his work painting with light not capturing a still. His skill with lighting carries over into his video production work. Nick’s ability to quickly put the client at ease is evident through the video lens as well.

So when the need arises to update your individual Headshot or your entire team, Nick will make it painless. When the time comes to mark your child’s moment at the threshold of possibility  with Senior Portraits, or you are long overdue for a Family Portrait, book a day, and know it will feel like play!

If you can’t show it, you can’t sell it. Product photos or images representing your Art require a high-quality image file that accurately represents without altering it, which is a skill that not many possess. Nick Felkey Photography on Bainbridge Island should be your destination.


“I realize today as you are shooting my wedding that you have been at every big moment in my life, and I love that. I look forward to having you take photos of my children someday.” And he did.

Meet Nick Felkey Photgrapher, Videographer, Digital Storyteller
Meet Nick Felkey Photgrapher, Videographer, Digital Storyteller

Corporate Story Telling, Fundraising, Grant proposals, Groundbreaking, Live Events, School District Funding, Chamber Events, Parades, and more. These events require the story to be told in real-time as it unfolds.  These projects require a highly skilled photographer with the right photography gear and the eye and experience to ensure the moment doesn’t escape being documented.

Due to these events’ sensitive and proprietary nature, we can offer just a slice image and a list of a few clients for review. Further images can be made available upon request for assessment of project proposals from Nick. 

    • Clients include:
    • Puget Sound Energy
    • Avalara Software Company
    • Bainbridge Island School District
    • Kitsap School District
    • Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce
    • Bainbridge Downtown Association
    • PHYTEC America
    • Bainbridge Performing Arts Center
    • Bainbridge Museum of Arts
    • Poulsbo Veterinary Clinic
    • Mora Iced Creamery
    • Pill Pez 
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